Key Services

Litmus Analysis was formed in 2010 to help the insurance and reinsurance worlds better understand ratings and the rating agencies. Since then we have developed a suite of services which build on this central purpose and also help others create a successful strategy for doing business in the insurance and reinsurance markets.

At the heart of our success is the experience and knowledge of The Litmus Analysts.  Whether delivering a training course, coaching the management of an insurer on how to get a better rating, helping insurers and brokers use ratings or gain invaluable feedback from their clients, working with market security teams, or designing applications for the industry, we’re here to help.


  • Can’t get that upgrade you deserve?
  • Worried that you might be under threat of a downgrade?
  • Need to get a rating for the first time?
  • Want to make the best impression?
It’s a good idea to have help from people who know how it works.

The Litmus team have many decades of experience working with the rating agencies, so not only do we understand their structures and techniques but we also have close, regular contact with them.

LitmusQ and LUCID

Litmus brings you tools with three key objectives – expanding knowledge, improving data and simplifying analysis.

LitmusQ‘ is your insurer financial health assistant, helping you assess the strength of your insurance counterparties.

LUCID‘, the Litmus Unique Company IDentifier, is an entity identification system featuring ‘The LUCID Library‘ and ‘The LUCID code‘.  Find out more under the ‘What we do’ tab.  


Launched in 2014, Litmus Research Associates is here to help you use expertly researched client and market feedback to efficiently drive increased market share and income.

Your clients don’t expect anyone to take their business for granted, notwithstanding the longevity of their relationship.

They expect their partners to gain robust, independent, objective feedback from them about their performance – and to use that insight to refine what they do. Find out how to make that happen with Litmus Research.


Our training has two objectives: helping the insurance, finance and capital markets understand one another better, and bringing new levels of understanding of technical matters to the insurance and reinsurance worlds.

Our training courses have received an average feedback score of over 4.5 out of 5.

Click here for our latest training courses.



Bringing decades of experience to support –

  • External service providers understand the structure, jargon, needs and opportunities within the re/insurance markets
  • Industry participants with detailed research projects

We understand how the insurance worlds work and how to make your business stand out and succeed, whether you’re a service provider or an insurer seeking to diversify into new channels.

Added to that, with an analytical mind, an eye for detail and years of experience, our marketing and analytical teams can help you and your clients through the complexity of different markets and sectors.

The skills of our team open up a whole range of possibilities for your organisation – strategic planning, credit scoring, data cleansing and aggregation, model validation – bring us a problem and we’ll find a solution.


Litmus Analysis

LITMUS ANALYSIS is a team of analysts offering a broad range of products and services designed to create increased transparency, clarity and knowledge in the insurance and reinsurance markets.

We bring the skills and experience of a team of top analysts to the insurance world.

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