Understanding Insurer Financials and Key Ratios

Insurance and reinsurance company accounts are so different from standard corporate financials and even for many practitioners in the industry they are something of a mystery.  Last year we developed a new course aimed at giving not just a good understanding of what the numbers mean, but also how to read and use them to determine how the insurer is performing.

The key to this course is in giving you great ways of remembering the main areas by drawing strong analogies with everyday life – for example how a mortgage equates to the assets and liabilities of an insurer.

The inspiration behind the Litmus Key Ratio Guide, this course has achieved an average score of over 4.75 out of 5 from more than 100 attendees to date.  We have just added two new dates for 2013 –

Thursday 9th May and Wednesday 5th June, in London.

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