What can you learn from financial statements?

What can you learn from financial statements?

There’s a wealth of information to be found if you know where to look, giving you valuable insights into the re/insurer’s performance.

  • As a reinsurer, you can learn how well an insurer’s business performs – whilst the risk may look good, If the overall business is consistently loss making, you can end up taking a share of those losses.
  • For reinsurance buyers, the financial health of a potential reinsurer is essential: you are buying their promise to pay their share of any losses. You need to be comfortable that they have the necessary financial strength and will be there to make payment when the time comes.
  • Brokers and MGAs need to be confident that the selected carriers offer suitable security to write your client’s business. If you are placing their reinsurance, the annual accounts can reveal how well their existing programmes are performing.

Simple analysis can deepen your understanding.

Would you like to know how to determine whether an insurer’s recent top line growth is sustainable and profitable?

Would it help if you knew how to check if the source of profits is sustainable?

Would it be good to know if your reinsurer isn’t covering its cost of capital?

Would you like to be able to calculate whether an insurer is adequately reserved?

Would you like to calculate basic performance tests which are fundamental to a financial strength ratings, and calculate the essential ratios?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you will benefit from Litmus Analysis’s new training course Analysing Insurance Company Financial Statements, a one day course designed to help you understand and compare the carriers you work with, and your organisation, in the increasingly sophisticated re/insurance markets.


Wednesday 23rd May 2018
9am – 5pm 
London EC3

Lewis Phillips has extensive expertise in insurance, as an investment analyst and most recently as a financial analyst at Aon Benfield.  Lewis is an experienced trainer with strong analytical skills, complemented by a thorough understanding of the global insurance and reinsurance markets.

£750 +VAT per delegate.
Discounts are available for more delegates from the same company.

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