Come and join our open day and party

Following more than a year of enhancements and extensive testing with our development partners, we are now delighted to announce that LitmusQ is ready for the market.

To celebrate, we’re holding a full day of demos in London followed by a drinks reception on 14th June

Venue – Corney & Barrow, Lime Street (Behind the Willis Building)

The Open Day starts at 08.30 with a product demo; there will also be demos at 11.30 and 14.45, then a presentation at 17.30, or just drop in to have a look and a chat at any time.  The bar opens at 17.00.

To register, please email Giorgia Paganuzzi.

LitmusQ (‘LQ’) is the market’s insurer financial profiling assistant. With just publicly available data, users can very quickly generate a picture of the financial credit profile of their cedant, counterparty, prospect or subsidiary, delivered as a score and a mapping to the rating scale.

Financial Score Trend


The system gives an immediate set of dashboards (example below) including the trend of the score, both graphically and in table format. The user can then dig deeper, viewing key components of the score and how these trend through time.



In addition, LQ allows users to compare a selection of peers across key indicators.

Litmus’ development partners have included three major market participants, using the application for different purposes in different markets, giving us powerful feedback in order to ensure the model meets their needs and that the system delivers robust performance.

Litmus Analytical Head of Analytics Stuart Shipperlee commented that “our discussions with reinsurance practitioners made it clear that many of them were keen to interrogate the financial profile of their cedants (who are often unrated), whether to help tailor programmes to fit their cedant’s financial needs, benchmark the quality and volatility of its book (important for treaty business), or assess its financial strength”.

Litmus founder Peter Hughes added that “whilst it’s normally cedants that focus on reinsurer credit quality, an insolvent cedant can be a considerable pain for a reinsurer; with no future payback, loss of the soft and hard investment in the relationship and, no doubt, a liquidator aggressively pursuing the highest possible recoverables. LitmusQ’s dashboard style is designed to allow reinsurers and brokers to rapidly profile current and prospective clients, as well of course helping market security committees assess unrated security”. 

“We would like to thank our development partners and A.M. Best who have assisted us in ensuring that the extensive and robust data contained in their excellent ‘Statement File Global’ product can be uploaded seamlessly into LitmusQ, making it even easier and quicker for users to determine insurer financial health”. 

A.M. Best will be joining us for the open day to show how their worldwide insurer ratings, financial database and analysis system, Best’s Statement File – Global, can deliver data neatly and quickly for use in LitmusQ.

Do come and join us! 

Peter Hughes