What can you learn from financial statements?

One Day course – London (City)

Date: Wednesday 12th June 2019
9am – 5pm

In house training also available, contact us for further details.
For many, analysing insurer financial statements is not part of ‘the day job’, so the accounts remain something of a mystery.  This course is designed to give you the basic tools to make sense of the underlying financial dynamics of an insurer or reinsurer, giving you the confidence to be able to pick up the accounts and pull out some key elements to quickly determine how the insurer is performing.

There’s a wealth of information to be found if you know where to look, giving you valuable insights into the re/insurer’s operating performance and the risk you take with your choice of business partners.

Simple analysis can deepen your understanding.

  • Do you know how to determine whether an Insurer’s recent growth is sustainable and profitable?
  • Are you familiar with the basic performance tests which are fundamental to financial strength ratings and credit analysis?
  • Can you calculate the essential ratios?
  • What level of pricing risk is the insurer taking?
  • How can you determine their exposure to investment risks?
  • What impact could an unexpected reserve increase have on capital?
  • Where can you find information about your insurer’s reinsurance protections?
  • How exposed are they to reinsurance recoverables?
  • How can you check if the source of profits is sustainable?
  • Do you understand the basic techniques behind reserving adequately?
  • Does your re/insurer cover its cost of capital?

If any of these areas are unfamiliar to you, you will benefit from Litmus Analysis’s training course Analysing Insurance Company Financial Statements, a one day course designed to help you understand and compare the carriers you work with, and, if you work for an insurer, your own organisation, in the increasingly sophisticated insurance markets.

Some ideas of who the course might work for, and why:

  • As a reinsurer, you can learn how well an insurer’s business performs.  Whilst the risk may look good, if the overall business is consistently loss making, you can end up taking a share of those losses.
  • For reinsurance buyers, the financial health of a potential reinsurer is essential: you are buying their promise to pay their share of any losses. You need to be comfortable that they have the necessary financial strength and will be there to make payments when the time comes.  It’s also handy to be able to look at the drivers behind any rating they might have.
  • Brokers and MGAs need to be confident that the selected carriers offer suitable security to write their client’s business.
  • Reinsurance brokers and reinsurers can gain insight into how well the insurer’s existing programmes are performing, and the sort of protections they need to improve their financial health.
  • Insurers and their stakeholders can gain valuable insights into relative performance and stability against peers and identify early warning signs simply from some straight-forward indicators.

This is an interactive course with discussion and practical exercises to help you grasp the concepts.  A limited number of places are available to allow more one-on-one interaction with the trainer.
Litmus’ financial statement courses, in various formats, have given confidence in looking at financial statements to over 300 attendees.

Lewis Phillips has extensive expertise in insurance, as an investment analyst and most recently as a financial analyst at Aon Benfield.  Lewis is an experienced trainer with strong analytical skills, complemented by a thorough understanding of the global insurance and reinsurance markets. 

£750 +VAT per delegate.
Discounts are available for more delegates from the same company.
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