KarinWe are delighted to announce that Karin Clemens, formerly head of S&P’s European insurance rating practice, is joining Litmus. Karin will bring even further experience in ratings to the Litmus team, working across the full range of Litmus offerings and also developing some new areas. She will lead the development of Litmus in the German speaking markets and initiatives with Global Groups and Life insurers, as well as bringing her expertise in the S&P approach to debt ratings for insurers to our clients.

Clemens, who spent 18 years at S&P and was responsible for a team of 35 specialist insurance analysts said “I’m delighted to be joining several of my former S&P colleagues at Litmus. There is great potential in the German speaking markets for Litmus’ Ratings Advisory, Training and Analytical Services”.

Karin led the European S&P analytical team through the roll-out of the new S&P criteria over the last 2 years, delivering a step-change in the transparency and detail of S&P’s insurance ratings criteria. Litmus founder Peter Hughes said “It’s fantastic news that Karin is joining us. We believe the Litmus team already offers our clients a truly unique degree of seniority and depth in our ratings advisory resources and analytical services and Karin helps us take that to a further level still”.

If you wish to contact Karin, please mail karinclemens@litmusanalysis.com

For further details of the Litmus team, including Karin’s bio, please go to the ‘Litmus team’ page.  To find out more about Litmus’ services, look under the ‘What we do’ tab.  If you need more, please email info@litmusanalysis.com.

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