As markets and business get more complex, it’s worth having experts on hand to help…

Our extensive backgrounds in re/insurance markets, the capital markets, credit risk and financial analysis allows us to provide a range of expert analytical services. From helping external service providers understand the structure, jargon, needs and opportunities within the re/insurance markets, to supporting industry participants with detailed research projects.

And, of course, helping in all aspects of using ratings and communicating financial strength to stakeholders.

Below are some examples of the work we have done

Building a robust strategic and tactical approach to the insurance markets

Are you on the outside looking in?  It’s difficult for service providers to determine the best approach to bringing their professional skills and products to help the markets.  Working alongside our clients as they build their business plans, we cut through the jargon, speak their language and help them understand what their prospective customers really want.

Undertaking detailed research of complex re/insurance markets

Market intelligence brings knowledge and the saying goes that knowledge is power…

Our team can support your research and analysis for your own needs, from developing the thought leadership articles that can be a powerful business driver to the underlying financial and market research crucial to successful business planning.


Helping unrated insurers build a compelling picture of their financial health for their customers

Getting a rating is a big decision that needs to be taken very carefully (a decision that we can help with), but it’s not the only solution; unrated carriers can demonstrate their financial health to clients and market security departments without a rating.

Building a suitable picture that answers the key questions that sophisticated analysts might ask needs an ability to undertake an analysis and build a report which picks up the key points – either from the perspective of the insurer or as a ‘Litmus View’.

Developing a sound approach to ratings and market security

Are ratings an important part of your compliance, risk governance or client duty of care? Are downgrades a surprise? Do they seem to happen either too late or too early?

We can help you understand the underlying drivers in order to be able to make more sophisticated use of ratings and ensure that all involved can demonstrate the necessary knowledge to use ratings effectively and appropriately.

Whether this is simply a question of some training, or having an expert on hand to give guidance, the Litmus team has the experience and skills to help. It’s in times of stress in the market when this knowledge becomes essential.

Litmus can help you deliver the duty of care your customers and shareholders expect.

Understanding your exposure to unrated carriers

Assessing the range of rating that an insurer might achieve – a form of private credit assessment, but not a full rating analysis – is a good way of gaining insight to the relative exposure you might have. The Litmus team has the skills to construct a detailed analysis based on publicly available information and give you that insight.

These are just examples – contact us to discuss how we can help you….