We focus our training on improving the understanding of insurance and financial markets across the sectors – from learning about the insurance markets, insurance jargon and insurer financials to understanding ratings, capital markets and finance.  If you work in finance and capital markets and want to understand the insurance sector, or vice-versa, our training programmes are designed for you.

Our training courses have an average feedback score of over 4.5 out of 5.

Attendees on our courses have come from a large variety of roles and from many different organisations –

In addition we invite associate trainers to bring their intellectual and training skills to markets, aiming at hot topics and key areas where there is a gap in current training programmes.

Our aim is to make our training memorable, using strong analogies and anecdotes to help the message stick.  All of our training is delivered by senior members of the Litmus faculty and associates, all with many years’ experience.

We offer open enrolment, in-house and bespoke training solutions – so if it’s not on the list, tell us what you want and we’ll happily build a course for you.

Litmus Analysis are offering the following open enrolment training courses –

For more information on training, email nicolarowley@litmusanalysis.com or click on the link to our Training Brochure.