Our expanding client base

We have worked with over 75 clients, in various capacities.  Clients include –

Our client base extends beyond the London and UK markets to companies right across EMEA and Bermuda.  We would also welcome enquiries from further afield.

Amongst these we have confidentially helped more than 25 insurers manage their relationships with the rating agencies. Our engagements have included helping defend against a potential downgrade, achieving an upgrade and getting a new rating.

For a confidential reference from one of our clients, please mail info@litmusanalysis.com.

A selection of kind words from our clients

From the CFO of a quoted French rated insurer –

“Litmus’ consultants have a thorough understanding of how rating agencies work and how analysts assess your company’s financial strength. If you want to make sure your rating fully reflects all the positive aspects of your credit profile, here are the guys really worth working with. Thanks to an intimate knowledge of the insurance industry, and a real focus on understanding the specifics of your business, they provide you with extremely relevant advice on how to deal with your agency, build a compelling management presentation, and turn each contact with your analyst into an occasion to reassert your profile’s strengths. On top of that, they’re efficient and easy going. What more could one expect?”

From the CFOs of two UK insurers – 

“A few key comments or pointers from experienced analysts can make a great difference to the quality of the presentation. Litmus’ team knew what the rating agency analyst would be looking for and helped us prepare accordingly.”

“Litmus have provided great help in deciphering how the S&P ratings process works and explaining that process both internally and externally.”

From our training clients –

“We found this seminar thought provoking and the presenters were engaging and made a very technical subject interesting and interactive for our employees.”

“Course hand-outs are in-depth and are fantastic to take home. The group exercises kept the brain ticking and the tutors not only knew what they were talking about but delivered it in a great way!”

“The course was both enjoyable and informative as well as being inclusive/interactive. I would highly recommend anyone to attend a course run by Peter and Stuart.”

From a founding partner in a specialist reinsurance broker –

“I would like to express our thanks to you for the excellent service you provide. This exactly fits the bill of what we have been missing to date and has proved of great assistance. The fact that we have Litmus available to consult with on rating issues and know that we will receive a speedy response is now a service that we would not want to be without. We look forward to many years of co-operation in the future.”