The Litmus Analytical Connections Evening (LACE)

About LACE

‘The Litmus Analytical Connections Evening’ will take place whenever we find a good speaker who we believe will bring a unique angle to the insurance, reinsurance, analytical or ratings worlds.  We will be inviting speakers to make key presentations on items of interest after which there will be an opportunity to network.  There will be an complimentary bar from 5pm. While we are sure all attendees will observe their own organisational guidelines for discussions with third parties we would stress that The Chatham House Rule also applies.

If you wish to extend an invitation to colleagues and contacts then we would be delighted but please advise us of their contact details and role. All are welcome but the presentations and overall invitation list focuses on those with interest in insurance analysis and ratings, including credit and equity analysts, re/insurance buyers, Finance Directors, CRO’s CUO’s, IR professionals, sector investors, and others involved in market security, or re/insurer financial management, reporting or governance

An occasional discussion of hot topics for insurance analysts and an opportunity to network.  LACE evenings are informal and free to attend, although we do insist on registration so that we can manage numbers

To register for future events, please email with your details.

We look forward to seeing you there!

We are currently building the schedule of speakers for 2018. If you would like to present, or have any suggestions, please email

For more information on LACE evenings, such as previous speakers and topics, please see below.

Calendar of Events


4th September – Pre Monte Carlo Briefing – Brandan Holmes, Vice President and Senior Analyst at Moody’s, will give the rating agency angle to the current reinsurance market picture in their annual pre-Monte Carlo presentation.

22nd March – Will Hawkins to present on Reserve Adequacy. Top rated equity analyst Will of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods discusses his analysis of the reserve adequacy of the major European reinsurers.


11th January – David Beers, consulting adviser to the International Directorate at the Bank of England – GDP Linked Bonds: A Risk-Sharing Instrument for Sovereign Debt Markets.


21st January – NO LACE

16th February – Prof. Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman at Z/Yen – Blockchain: why boring ledgers are ‘InsTech’

17th March – NO LACE

21st April – Shaun Tarbuck, CEO of ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation) – The Future of Mutuality

19th May – Mike Steel, Founding Partner at Oxbow Partners – What should you expect from your CRO

8th September – Brandan Holmes, Vice President/Senior Analyst, Moody’s – Moody’s Reinsurance Outlook: How low can the market go?  Who’s best placed to survive?


15th January – Alastair Speare-Cole, Chief Underwriting Officer at Qatar Re and former CEO of JLT Re – In an age of increasingly fungible capital, why do relationships still matter? 

19th February – Marco Del Carlo, Managing Director of Tempo Underwriting – Giving the Pen Away

19th March – Julian Enoizi, Chief Executive Officer, Pool Re – The Future of Terrorism Reinsurance

16th April – NO LACE

21st May – Tom Keatinge, Director of the Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies, RUSI – Financial crime, and the threat to the insurance sector

11th June – Martyn Street, Senior Director at Fitch Ratings – Introducing the new ‘Navigator’ for insurance ratings

16th July – Philip Grant, Independent Non-Executive Director – The INED Challenge in a world full of rules

20th August – No LACE

10th September – Special Pre-Monte Carlo LACE – James Eck, Vice President-Senior Credit Officer presents Moody’s latest outlook on the reinsurance market

15th October – Dennis Sugrue, Director, Reinsurance Sector LEAD for EMEA at Standard & Poor’s – M&A – The Reinsurance Shark Tank

19th November – Rowan Douglas, CEO, Capital, Science & Policy Practice and Chairman, Willis Research Network, Willis Group – From Ruin to Resilience

17th December – No LACE


17th December – No LACE

19th November – Dominic Christian, Executive Chairman at Aon Benfield – What becomes of the broker market?

15th October – Clive O’Connell, Partner at Goldberg Segalla – ILS – What could possibly go wrong? An examination of the pitfalls that exist in the ILS arena and a discussion of how to avoid them. 

10th September – Special Pre-Monte Carlo LACE – Kevin Lee, Vice President & Senior Credit Officer at Moody’s Investors Service, will be presenting Moody’s latest view and outlook on the reinsurance markets.

20th August – No LACE

16th July – Clara Hughes, Senior Director at Fitch, explains The Fitch’s New Prism Factor Based Model and the Role of Capital in the Rating Process

18th June – Darryl Ashbourne, Director at KPMG, telling Tales from the insurance graveyard – what actually happens when insurers or brokers go bust

14th May – Mathilde Jakobsen, Associate Director at A.M. Best, giving an overview of the BCAR model with particular emphasis on how reserve risk is treated in the model and viewed more generally

16th April – Christian Dinesen, Partner at Dinesen Associates – Management matters – Making re/insurer management count for insurance ratings and in debt markets

20th March – No LACE

20th February – Jonathan Drake, Partner at Clausen Miller, addressing the key risks in collateralised reinsurance structures

16th January – Ian Thompson, Chief Credit Officer at S&P speaking about “how and why sovereign ratings impact S&P’s rating of insurers and reinsurers