We understand the processes and methodologies of the rating agencies
and their continuing evolution

Helping you manage the ratings process

Whether you are seeking a new rating, aiming for an upgrade, keen to avoid a downgrade, or simply want to manage your relationship with the rating agencies better, it pays to have insiders on your side. The Litmus analysts have many years’ experience of working within or with the major rating agencies, and count amongst the team –

A team of 7 insurance specialist analysts; all have worked in rating agencies in the past,with over 150 years’ combined experience Since 2010 we have been successfully helping our clients, with all of the major rating agencies. More than 60 insurers and reinsurers have engaged us and many continue to retain our services as they improve and evolve their communications with the agencies. We have been involved in over 60 successful ratings ‘events’ where our clients have achieved their targets

What our clients say about us

No hidden agenda, minimal overheads, a partnership based on communication, knowledge, trust and understanding

For more information on our approach to ratings advisory or to discuss your needs, please email us peterhughes@litmusanalysis.com